Filled with gratitude for you dear Sierra and all of your lessons!! With each day, I come closer to the life that is calling me. I am now able to come from my authentic being and I have almost quit being a people pleaser! lol Thank you for your constant inspiration!! You and your soul are just beaming with love, light and guidance!! So grateful for you!!
~ Jennifer L. ~
Yes, Sierra my love, you bring such joy into my life everyday! I have pledge to tell people the beauty I see in them, so happy to only see beauty this days! So here it is my love...You are a joy, a lovely joy my sister and I'm very blessed everyday because of you, such a lovely soul! blessings to you! and also all of my love my Divine sister! All of it!
~ Francis M. ~
I love this, Sierra. Your words always hit the spot, in perfect timing. Thank you from my heart to yours.
~ Grace C. ~
I am so proud of you and the way you are free to express yourself. This little piece of birthing your book is more than is heart felt...I feel your heart Sierra in every word....and thank you for the experience and sharing your heart with me...
~ Reina F. ~
Bubbles of joy so happy for you and all that are touched by your dolphin heart thru the space between the words, that are carried by pure dolphin joy, gratitude and divine grace. Your light is shining as beautiful star on the velvet tapestry of the universe and seen and felt from afar.
~ Grace A. ~
I absolutely love the positive impact you have on the world n' those in your world. Keep up the good work!
~ Rebecca F. ~
Thank you Sierra. I really like how clearly, concisely, and positively you express yourself. Jah Bless! Nameste!
~ Ricky B. ~
We are all so so thankful for having your loving uplifting sweet angelic fun and frisky dolphin leaping energy dancing and singing in our already beautiful lives, reminding us that life can continue to get even better! Thank You for being you and sharing that with us each day, you make this world a better place in so many ways!
~ Kate S. ~
An inspired truth is always a dose of positive energy to start the day. Thank you.
Fanny S.
Sierra, Your story on the birth of your book moved me to tears. I feel so blessed to have been able to meet you on facebook, I feel is if we have been connected before. You have no idea how much you move me and motivate me To pursue my dreams. I can hardly wait to come and meet you And enjoy the experience that you have there in Costa Rica. You are going to bless so many lives Your inspiration has already moved me and help me to become a better person. I plan on sharing your inspiration, And your book With all my friends and business partners. You truly amaze me, What a gift you have to share with the world!!
Mike R.